L’s First Yard Sale Experience feat Extraterrestrial Corn Chips

This was my girl L’s first yard sale trip with me. It was pretty awesome. We were a brand new couple and so you had that excitement of that coupled with the thrill of treasure hunting with someone you’re crushing on. Very cool day, and I’ll remember it forever. The find of the day, and the one that brought the most excitement was the Winnie the Pooh calendar plates. When I found out they were worth ~$150, I looked over at L and mouthed “OH MY GOD!” We had a moment of shared excitement. I ended up getting the entire set for $19. We got a kick out of this Extraterrestrial Corn Chips poster. Extraterrestrial Corn Chips Poster YARD SALE FIND

Yard Sale and Craigslist Finds in 2016 (thus far…)

I’m presenting all my yard sale and Craigslist finds from 2016 (thus far) in one post. I am hoping to get some actual video of me exploring yard sales soon and upload to the site. I enjoy just going around and poking through people’s possessions and I think it’ll make for some pretty interesting footage. It may not, but I’m going to put it out there anyways. I’ll also be starting to post product reviews, especially of things that I find at yard sales. All of this will be available on this site and on my Youtube channel Quick and Dirty. My favorite find from 2016 so far are the Winnie the Pooh plate calendar, and I’ll explain why here.

End of the Year 2015 Yardsale Liquidation

This is where the eBay rejects come to die. Every year at the end of the yard sale season, I`ll hold a liquidation sale. Anything that doesn`t sell gets donated directly to Goodwill. Last years liquidation sale was fairly successful, I believe I ended up making around $150 or $200 just on the leftovers. Additional pics of a Craigslist Star Wars haul included in the gallery view. The find of the day was the Tickle Me Elmo doll brand new in the box. WIN!

Dat Retail Bust

I bought several of the Star Wars Episode 7 action figures thinking that there would be more demand than there was. When I researched eBay, the Ezra Bridger unmasked figures were going for $30 or more each. I still have not sold any of them to this day. This retail haul was a complete bust. Bonus pictures of the ULTIMATE LEGO HAUL shipping boxes.


I was laying in bed one Friday night. Before I drifted off to sleep, I figured I would check Craigslist for the heck of it to see what was out there. I run across this insane looking post with a TON of Legos. From the thumbnail I could already tell there were Star Wars sets involved. The guy had put in the post that he would be having a yardsale to get rid of all of them at 5 a.m. I set my alarm for 4:30. 4:30 comes early. I jump out of bed, throw my clothes on, and dial in my GPS on his location. I had just purchased the Yard Sale wagon the previous week. I get to the guy's house, and I'm greeted with the sight above. I could hardly contain my excitement. I ended up getting the ENTIRE lot for $600. I made an incredible profit on this lot and it is easily my favorite find ever.