How to Spot a Fake, Reproduction, or Recarded Action Figure

In this post, we’ll be examining how to spot a recarded action figure. Now, this seems completely obvious to me now, but at the time I was inexperienced and had dollar signs in my eyes and bought on impulse. If I could give you one major buying tip it would be this: Take your time to fully examine and evaluate the item that you are looking at. So much of the time I have found myself rushing the sale, only to get it home and it either be fake or have damage that I didn’t originally spot. Let’s examine some recarded action figures, shall we? I apologize in advance for the terrible pictures, these were taken on my Thunderbolt smart phone many moons ago. Star Wars Action FIgure - Death Squad Commander FAKE RECARD The first thing that the discerning eye should notice is the upper left price tag area. It is blank. This is the first indication that the figure is a recard. It’s too pristine. The card also has an unpunched hang tag. Another red flag. While not always an indication of a fake, the fact that the figure has separated from the card is another concern. Star Wars Action Figure FAKE RECARD - BUBBLE ERROR The next DEAD giveaway is the blister or the bubble. It does not line up at all with the original card outline. Star Wars Figure FAKE - DAMAGE Here is a shot of Obi-Wan Kenobi. It is sooo obvious that he is a repack or recard. Look at the damage on his knuckles. The only way he’d ever have damage like that is if he was removed from the package, played with, and then returned to his bubble. These are a few examples of TERRIBLE recarded action figures. DO NOT BE DUPED! I keep these on my wall in my mail room to serve as a reminder to slow down, examine, and scrutinize before I buy. Good luck!