LG 38GL950G-B Review

EDIT 7/25/2020 – I have received the monitor back in perfect condition and have been testing it for 2 days now. I do have the monitor on a dedicated UPS now to prevent future power fluctuations, or at least mitigate the risk of a power outage taking out my power adapter. So far so good.

I am not 100% sure what they did with the monitor, if all it required was a new power adapter or if they updated firmware/factory reset everything, however it has been running solid as a rock for the past 2 days. I have yet to experience the black flicker that I was experiencing before. I will maintain this thread in the future to give a long term update as I go.

There are plenty of reviews online for the LG 38GL950G-B that will go over the technical aspects of the monitor. Linus Tech Tips did a great review of the monitor and JayzTwoCents is currently running this monitor as his daily driver. I feel like all of the reviews I have seen have been from people that haven’t really owned the monitor for an extended period of time and I’ve not seen anyone report some of the issues that I’ve run into.

I’d like to start by providing a little back story on my experience with the monitor. I ordered this monitor from Amazon in December of 2019. The monitor worked fine for about a month. I started noticing that the monitor would go black while on the desktop randomly. There was nothing I could see that was causing it. It wasn’t like I was losing displayport connection and Windows was not making the ‘device disconnected’ sound. It truly seemed hardware related. But it happened so rarely I figured I would just live with it.

So I continued on until one day I sat down at my desk and the monitor would not wake from sleep. After troubleshooting, factory resetting, trying all of the inputs, taking the surge protector out of the equation and switching electrical outlets, and connecting a completely different PC, it was clear that the monitor was dead. The monitor would not power on. The LED on the back would turn on, but the screen would not come on and remained black no matter what I tried. There was no backlight activity and no OSD.

Fortunately, Amazon processed a return for me and I received my replacement in January 2020.

A couple of months ago one of my good friends ordered the exact same monitor. He too currently experiences the ‘screen going black’ issue, except his happens in-game and on the desktop. Exact same issue, the only difference is that my monitor never went out in-game. Mine was always while on the desktop.

Flash forward to June 23, 2020. My wife and I were downstairs and our home experienced a short power fluctuation. I didn’t think anything about it at the time, but later that evening I sat down at my desk and wouldn’t you know it, the monitor would not power on. Same exact issue as before. The replacement lasted for 6 months.

I am currently in talks with LG to have the monitor repaired under warranty. I have 6 months left on my factory warranty, plus an additional year through Asurion. So I feel like I will be taken care of, but what a nuisance and what shoddy quality control from the LG flagship.

To rule out any localized power issues, I have now purchased an APC 425v UPS which I will be using to run my replacement / repaired LG 38GL950G once I receive it to fully rule out any power fluctuations or surges.

I will update this thread to chronicle my experience with LG service repair.


Out of the blue, with no warning, no contact, my monitor shows back up at my door. The retail box is still intact and all shipping materials are in there. I have received the monitor back in perfect condition with a new power adapter. I’m assuming that was the issue all along.

Shipped to LG - netwalker

I finally get a shipping label on 7/2 and ship the monitor to LG.

Still No Label! - netwalker

Still no shipping label. I reach back out to LG. “I will escalate this matter to Supervisor team who will coordinate with repair facility so they are well aware that you haven’t receive the shipping label, once we have an update I will provide the information in your email.” ETA? 1-2 business days. WOW.

LG Contacted… Again - netwalker

June 26, 2020 – LG contacted again. Still no shipping label. LG responds that they are on skeletal crew and that they will have my request processed within 24-48 business hours.

LG Contacted - netwalker

June 23, 2020 – LG is contacted and promises to send me a shipping label within 2-3 business days.