L’s First Yard Sale Experience feat Extraterrestrial Corn Chips

This was my girl L’s first yard sale trip with me. It was pretty awesome. We were a brand new couple and so you had that excitement of that coupled with the thrill of treasure hunting with someone you’re crushing on. Very cool day, and I’ll remember it forever. The find of the day, and the one that brought the most excitement was the Winnie the Pooh calendar plates. When I found out they were worth ~$150, I looked over at L and mouthed “OH MY GOD!” We had a moment of shared excitement. I ended up getting the entire set for $19. We got a kick out of this Extraterrestrial Corn Chips poster. Extraterrestrial Corn Chips Poster YARD SALE FIND

Thanks Robert!

I met a guy named Robert through Craigslist. He was cleaning out his garage and ran across a ton of vintage toys from his childhood. I pulled up to his house and followed him to a detached garage behind his house. As I got closer I could see a lot of toys placed on his garage floor. I ended up buying everything he had.