Bitcoin Lanyards for Sale

We just recently launched these new Bitcoin lanyards over at Amazon, if you’re in need of a new lanyard and you are as excited about Bitcoin as we are, head on over and pick one up today! Let me know how you like it! These are seriously great conversation starters. Just the other day I had mine on in the elevator, and as I was about to exit I had a guy ask me, “So, you do Bitcoin?” “Yea, you could say that, haha,” I replied. The guy then proceeds to tell me about his mining operation and how he is super excited about Bitcoin. As the doors were about to close I told him to look into Ethereum, because that’s going to be big as well. He thanked me and told me he would look into it. The reason I tell that story, other than to help convince you to purchase a lanyard, is that it is up to us to spread the word about Bitcoin and what it actually symbolizes. It is possibly one of the most significant inventions since the internet. If you are looking for more information on how to buy Bitcoin, click here and Coinbase will give you $10 worth of Bitcoin free with your first purchase!