Yardsale Haul 3

On my third haul I found video games, action figures, and Minecraft.

Nothing really earth shattering profit-wise. The find of the day has to be the Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe game that I obtained for $5 and ended up selling for $18 + shipping.

The Haul that Started it All

Some of this was purchased from Bob’s Bargains when he was in business. Bob’s Bargains was the store that really got me interested in reselling again. Every weekend he would run a 50% off sale on Toys. I would clean him out every weekend.

The rest was found in a large action figure lot purchased from Craigslist.

Some very interesting finds, indeed.

I am a modern day treasure hunter.

I have been a reseller on and off since I sold my first item on eBay, June 20, 2003. I have 12 years of resale experience under my belt.  However, it wasn’t until about three months ago that I got serious with my efforts and reignited a passion within myself that I had lacked for so long.

I decided that I would use eBay to resell items that I found and that I would donate a percentage of the sale price to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  I donate when the price margins allow and this has fueled my motivation to find better and better items to resell.  It now feels like a mission, in that not only am I making money for myself and being my own boss but I’m helping children at the same time.

I’m primarily in to buying, selling, and collecting toys of all kinds.  I buy and sell electronics, video game systems, and personal music devices when I run across them.